JAS AED - Atomic Emission Detector for GC

The JAS Atomic Emission Detector (AED) is the only commercially available atomic emission detector for gas chromatography. It lets you detect virtually all elements within any volatized compound (except helium, the carrier gas) at picogram-level sensitivities, with excellent selectivities. The JAS AED transports sophisticated research capabilities into a reliable, cost effective instrument that is easy to use and maintain-ideal for both routine QA/QC and research laboratories.

Operational Mode

After gas chromatographic separation on an analytical column the compounds elute into a highly energetic microwave-induced Helium plasma. This energy decomposes the gas chromatographic analyzable compounds of the sample into their atoms and excites them, which results in element specific emission. A combination of mirror - diffraction grating - mirror within the spectrometer breaks the emissions down into certain wavelength areas and sends these to a Photodiode Array (PDA), where they are converted into electronic signals. The results are element specific chromatograms. The emission's intensity is proportional to the concentration of the element, so the peak areas can be used for quantification.