JAS - joint analytical systems GmbH

JAS specializes in innovative systems and customized solutions for a wide range of users.

Complex data, processes, technologies and equipment demand greater expertise from everyone in working life. This all too often leads to bottlenecks at crucial stages in the process, which can have unpleasant consequences: particulary in analytics, but also in industrial production.

This is where we come in: JAS helps you to avoid bottlenecks, minimize error rates and optimize process flows. Years of experience in instrumental analysis and our commitment to providing optimum service, helps us to develop in our own laboratories the standard or specific applications required by our customers.

We bring diverse components together in a way that provides a complete solution.In other words: a joint analytical system.

For example in fields of:

  • Pharmacy
  • Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Science
  • Food and Flavors
  • Hydrocarbon Processing Industry
  • Research and Education